Majority of the people using the internet have the tendency to Google everything and believing everything it shows. Be it critical information like online banking, money transfer or something as simple as basic food recipe. They just Google it. However, it is not Google deceives people. It is just a platform which has countless websites offering users all kinds of information. Google is not at fault but everything you see or learn using Google is not necessarily accurate.

The following are the 10 most common things you should avoid searching on Google.

  1. Avoid searching for your bank’s online banking websites on Google

Don’t Google your bank’s online banking website. It is better if you give remember the accurate official URL and enter the official URL of your bank’s online banking portal directly in order to safely access the site. If you Google search your bank’s online banking website, it is very much possible that the website in which you are entering your bank’s login ID and password looks like the website of your bank but is actually not. It can be a phishing site.

  1. Never search for customer care numbers of companies on Google

One of the most common scams on Google is the customer care number search. Fake business listings and customer care numbers are posted on websites by fraudsters. Gullible people use the numbers believing to be original customer care numbers and hence are scammed.

  1. Never search for apps and software on Google to download them

Do not search for mobile apps on Google. It can install fake app having malware content. There are official app stores like Google Play for Android and App Store for iPhones which provide authentic app installations.

  1. Never search for medicines or medical symptoms on Google

Google cannot replace a doctor. If you are ill, go see a doctor. It is unsafe to rely on Google to find information regarding the symptoms, disease or the medication. Never buy medicines based on the information you get from Google.

  1. Always avoid searching for serious advice and guidance on personal finances and stock market

Personal finance is as unique as one’s health. It is not possible to find a universal investment plan that guarantees success for everyone. Never invest by taking advice from Google search results.

  1. Government websites are easy targets for scammers, avoid searching for them on Google

The main target of fraudsters is banking websites and government websites like municipality tax, hospitals, etc. It is difficult to recognize whether the website that popped up in Google search results is genuine or not. Therefore it is advisable to directly visit any particular government website using URL rather than searching for it on Google.

  1. Never search for social media websites on Google to log in

Avoid searching for the login page of social media on Google. It might lead to phishing. Type the URL of the social media that you want to access directly in your browser.

  1. Avoid searching for e-commerce websites or offers on Google

Google search will give you countless and dubious web pages of so-called offers on e-commerce websites. People are tempted by fake deals to visit fictitious websites. This is a classic way to scam people and steal their online banking login details.

  1. Never search for free antivirus apps or software on Google

Never download or install Antivirus apps or software using Google. Google search results are full of fake products and it is tough to recognize the original ones.

  1. Avoid searching for Coupon codes on Google to get discounts

Unless you get Coupon code for a discount on shopping, don’t look for it on Google. It can lead you to fake websites selling fake coupons at a cheap price only to steal your banking details.