Customer service email is a way to form long-lasting and strong relationships. Companies send lots of customer service emails every day and it is possible to take this opportunity for granted and forget its importance. It can be just one of the many customers you dealt with that day but for a customer, it is the only interaction they had with your business that day. That interaction alone can totally change their perspective about your business. That change can be positive or negative depending upon the experience they had with you. Their view of your business will be badly damaged if they are not satisfied with your service. You can get a customer for life if they are happy with your service.

It is worth the effort to provide good and proper customer service emails. Below are the ten tips that will help you to improve your customer service emails and help your customers.

Customer Service Email Tip 1: Personalize Your Interactions

The more you personalize the better it will be for your business. Make your customers feel that they are interacting with a human and not just a company. It is important it makes customers feel important. They become better customers when they feel that they are getting personal service. Send simple yet powerful service emails to your customers by using their and your names in the emails. Humanize your business by making it a conversation between two human beings and not just a transaction. Customers will feel as if they’re conversing with real people if you can use photos with faces. It will build trust and also increase conversion rates on your site. It will seem like an interaction if you introduce yourself to your customer, use your name and show your face, rather than a customer dealing with a nameless and faceless business.

Customer Service Email Tip 2: Think About How You Deliver News

Generally, people feel better if they are given bad news first and then good news. However, people feel motivated to act on the news when they are given bad news last. It means whether you want to deliver the good or bad news first to your customer depends on the context. Generally, the bad news is delivered first so that the customer feels happier after hearing good news later. But you should start will good news if you want to persuade your customer to act.

Customer Service Email Tip 3: Define Your Support Style

Style matters in customer service emails even if you solve the issue quickly. Don’t make the communication difficult to understand by bad writing or formatting or using the wrong tone. Pay attention to voice and tone, personalization, language and structure, workflow, visuals and form a simple customer service style guide to ensure that your customer support style is nice and easy.

Customer Service Email Tip 4: Say “Thank You”

Look at it this way. Customers are giving you a gift when they provide positive feedback as well as when they clearly complain about something. Customers who complain are giving you a chance to fix a problem which will, in turn, help you to retain customers in the future. Thank them by simply saying “thank you”. An effective way to strengthen your relationship with them is to show gratitude. Whether they report a bug, criticize something or give positive feedback, say “thank you”. Your customer should know that you appreciate their email regardless of its tone or contents.

Customer Service Email Tip 5: Use Canned Replies

Speed does not play a very important role in customer service but it definitely does matter. Don’t rely too much on automation.  Put effort into personalizing your common replies. You can automate things to save time and improve your customer support while keeping your customer service emails personal and interactive

Customer Service Email Tip 6: Use the ELI5 Technique

Your customers can get confused by the complex or technical concepts behind your product. Don’t explain a complex idea or instruction like you are dealing with a co-worker. Instead, use the ELI5 technique. On the Explain It Like I’m Five subreddit, experts distill complex topics and explain to them as if the reader were five years old. Write your own instructions in the same format and make life easier for your customers.

Customer Service Email Tip 7: Link to Longer Instructions

It is hectic to scroll through long emails. Reduce customer effort and avoid anything annoying and tedious to build customer loyalty.

Customer Service Email Tip 8: Casual vs. Formal Tone

A casual tone will work just fine. But an overly casual tone can have a negative impact when customers are being denied a request. Therefore be careful and don’t be too casual when you’re saying “no” to your customer.

Customer Service Email Tip 9: Use Positive Language

Replace the negative words in your emails with positive ones. Positive language can be extremely powerful in changing the way your customers read your support emails.

Customer Service Email Tip 10: Promise a Result

Make sure to let the customers know when they should expect to hear from us. It is fine if you could not promise a solution by a given time, promise an update. It will keep the customer informed about the status of their request and build trust.


An email interaction isn’t the same as a conversation between two people but you can use the ways explained above to make it a deeply personal experience. It will make your customer happy and in turn, boost your business.