Keeping your computer safe while you browse internet is a problem faced by many. Your machine is prone to a lot of malware when you are online and it can get infected which may lead to loss of personal information. Needless to say there are many evil sites that extract your data and harm you in one way or the other. In order to protect your machine and keep sensitive data safeguarded, you must be aware of tools that help in removing malware and helping you surf online without any risk.


Malware tools are essential for everyone who connects to the internet. They are purposefully designed programs to combat malicious software and third party attacks. Here is the list of top 5 malware removal tools that keep your PC and everything in it safe. We have added paid as well as free tools; you can choose anyone you like. All the malware removal tools are easy to use, track and remove malicious programs.

1) ComboFix:

The best malware removal tool for your PC is ComboFix. For starters it is free of cost and you can download it yourself. Once you have downloaded, just run a scan for malware and then ComboFix does its job. It takes over the fuss of finding, selecting and then removing malware by doing all things itself. The automatic removal of malware is then sown in the form of a log. The list of malware you have to manually remove is also given to you when a ComboFix malware removal scan ends.

2) HijackThis:

HijackThis is another free to download advanced malware removal tool, but is extremely efficient in tracking any attack and tampering on your PC. HijackThis does not differentiate between application, browsers or a registry entry; it scans and list out all things infected by malicious programs in your computer. This malware removal tool is least automated and only the log file is the output. You will need to have more knowledge about the log files to proceed. If you are unaware of them, you can easily search for web-based HijackThis log readers to help you out.

3) Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:

The third malware removal tool in our list is available both in a free and premium versions. The premium version of Anti-Malware tool from Malwarebytes does real-time monitoring and saves you a lot of trouble. The threats are scanned the moment anything suspicious is encountered. Infections are cleared immediately and not allowed to spread. Anti-Malware has proved its mettle in the past by successfully detected and removing Antivirus XP 2008, which was launched by hackers as a part of a masquerade attack.

4) SuperAntiSpyware:

This tool is great for basic on-demand scans, which you may use regularly for keeping your PC malware free. One it will keep your computer from slowing down and second it will essentially remove all potential malware it detects. More or less the free version of SuperAntiSpyware is great for common users. But if you want a higher level of sophistication and no restrictions go for the premium version. The paid version has more features like auto-scan when the computer starts, registry protection and real-time scans to keep your computer free from malware. Much like other tools in functionality but its compatibility with other common antivirus tools is the reason of its immense popularity.

5) Skybot Search & Destroy:

The last but in no way least, the fifth antimalware tool in our list is Skybot Search & Destroy. It is one of the top ranked freeware tools for malware removal. As the name indicates, Spybot can track and kill (delete) malware files from your machine. It also has additional features that enhance protection like a botnet scanner, secure file shredder, hosts-file modification, replacing malicious modules with dummy code. More brownie point to Skybot is that it is compatible with all the versions of Windows.

We hope you can get rid of malware and do it yourself using these 5 best malware removal tools we have mentioned above. If you need our help, please call our Malware Removal Tech Support team at 1-888-274-5606.