Antivirus support for Windows is a software program created by Microsoft to help improve the security of their operating systems. The program was created by Microsoft as a response to the onslaught of several well-known viruses that were becoming increasingly common on the internet and throughout various retail computer environments. These viruses often posed as advertisements or “hijack” efforts which allowed them to gain access to the personal details of the computer in which they were installed. From this, the viruses then attempted to obtain a high degree of control over the operating system and data saved on the hard disk of the computer.

antivirus support for windows

Antivirus support for Windows was created in an attempt to counter this problem by creating a program that could scan all of the computers on a network for any virus infections. Once the program detected a virus it would either be removed from the system or displayed an alert to the user prompting him or her to either remove the virus from the system or repair it. Because this program required computer access it was only available to a few employees within the company that had access to the inner workings of the company’s computers. In order for antivirus support for windows to truly work, it required the use of a reliable third party provider with a strong reputation within the computer industry.

While there was a time when antivirus support for windows could be obtained for free through software downloads online, these days this option has been largely eliminated due to the creation of infectious email attachments such as worms, viruses and Trojan horses. Even when a person does obtain legitimate antivirus support for windows it will usually come at a price. It may be provided as a part of a paid service, or it may be included free of charge. The cost of antivirus support for windows is nothing compared to what the company would have to spend to fix a damaged computer. It is also important to remember that most viruses do not necessarily present a threat to the functionality of the computer nor are they likely to install viruses onto a computer once the user has downloaded an infected file.

The first step to taking advantage of antivirus support for windows that is free of charge is to search for a company that provides computer support. When choosing a computer repair company, it is important to make sure they have an up to date antivirus support package for all versions of Microsoft windows. It is also a good idea to look for a company that offers customer satisfaction survey so that you can ask your computer questions directly. Most computer repair companies offer technical support on demand in the event that something goes wrong with the Windows Operating system, so if a problem occurs it is often possible to have your computer repaired while on the premises. This means that no customers are taken advantage of, and that your computer is fixed quickly.

There is another benefit to antivirus support for windows that is not always realized. Once you have used the computer repair services of one company, you will find that they will provide continuous updates to their virus dictionary, so that your computer will be safe from ever being plagued with a new virus or worm. These types of updates are often referred to as Active X or Active File Extensions and are installed automatically each time you use your PC. Unfortunately, many people download files that are not safe or viruses, and these downloads infect your PC with Active X components. Therefore, when antivirus support for windows is performed the company will install the necessary patches, which will protect your computer against future infections.

In order to take full advantage of antivirus support for windows, you must first take regular backups of all of your files on your computer. You should do this daily, and it is even more important to save a copy of your passwords. If you use Windows logon files, you need to create them every day, as well. By creating them daily, it is possible for your computer to recover from any errors that may occur, and it is also easy to recover your files if they become corrupted. You should always use antivirus support for windows on your computer and make sure that your computer is kept clean from viruses and malware.