Many people may be under the impression that the best malware removal tool is the tool that runs fastest and has the best detection rate. While this may be true for many Anti-Malware softwares, this is certainly not the case for all of them. While the above graph shows the most commonly used Anti-Malware Software by numbers, it’s not a conclusive or final representation of all the best Malware Removal Tools available. Some Anti-Malware Tools may not be very effective at all, while others may be very efficient. Which ones are worth putting your trust into?

First of all, we should probably take a look at why people go for MalwareBytes instead of another top option, which are MalwareBytes FREE. As it turns out, MalwareBytes is actually a relatively new program, which was created back in 2021. This software has been around for a long time and was developed by two guys who were into computer security and later went onto to create the highly popular firewall. After developing this highly effective program, they proceeded to sell the software to various companies, who then released it as “Free”. While MalwareBytes is certainly an effective tool, because of its cheap price tag, it can also be considered a “side-product” of another successful software program.

Another tool that is used frequently is XoftSpySE, which is developed by a company called ParetoLogic. ParetoLogic also happens to be one of the leading firms in the field of anti-spyware tools. The reason for this is that XoftSpySE will detect and remove not only Malware but also other types of threats like spyware, adware, Trojans, and viruses. In addition to this, XoftSpySE is also able to prevent future infections by detecting and removing common security vulnerabilities in your system. So if you really want the best malware removal tool, make sure that both XoftSpySE and MalwareBytes are part of your list.

A very good feature of this anti-virus software is the removal of “Spyware”. What is Spyware? Spyware is a type of virus that uses a keylogger / sleeper agent to monitor what we are typing, when we are typing it. This is then relayed to the owners of the spying software, who may then use this information to monitor your internet activities. If you happen to be infected with any of these viruses, then you will notice a significant decrease in the speed and performance of your PC, as well as many other pc related symptoms such as the blocking of critical programs, lowering of your system’s security levels, formation of unknown desktop icons, and so on.

If you happen to have any of these infections, then you should remove them immediately before they do any more damage. To do this, you should download both the XoftSpySE and MalwareBytes Anti Virus Protection software. Open the program and allow it to install the latest version. Once this is done, launch the tool, click on the option to update your virus database, and scan for any infections. Once you have completed the process, restart your computer, and run both tools again to identify and remove any newly discovered infections.

The best malware removal tool available today should by the name of “XoftSpySE” or “MalwareBytes Emergency Kit”, which are both developed by ParetoLogic. Both are developed to perform a similar job in that they search and identify known malware threats that are associated with infected computers. However, they do this in slightly different ways. XoftSpySE is able to block more types of malware than MalwareBytes. If you would like to download the latest free version of either program, you can visit the web sites below.