Comodo Antivirus is developed and supported by Comodo Group, an independent free software organization that develops, releases and sells an online antivirus solution. It is a free download from the official website. The product is designed to protect computers running Microsoft Windows 2021, Windows XP, Vista, Window Seven and Mac OS X operating systems from viruses, spyware and other malware that can potentially harm or damage the computer. It works by having computer users scan all files and websites for security threats to ensure that the computer system can run more efficiently.

The major components of Comodo Antivirus include an anti-malware application, protection against phishing emails, and an Email Security Center that help prevent the downloading of malicious programs. The anti-malware application acts as a general protector against malware by scanning incoming data and displaying warning banners when it detects suspicious activities. When the user scans the files, he/she will get a list of all files that are deemed to be harmful. Then, all the files are categorized into categories, each with a recommended scanning schedule.

Comodo Internet Security scans the system for any potential virus or worm that can affect the user’s PC. The program has a built in junk-file remover that also removes all the files that have been removed by the anti-virus scanner. The final result of this whole process is a cleaner, fresher and faster PC. Another feature of Comodo Antivirus is its anti-spyware feature that effectively prevents hackers from sending out phishing scam emails to the infected computer. In addition, the computer users’ PC is protected against spam and other forms of online scams. Comodo Internet Security is a very complete and powerful Antivirus solution for both home and commercial networks.

Apart from its strong and efficient anti-malware and anti-spam capabilities, Comodo Internet Security has another powerful threat removal capabilities known as real-time protection. This unique feature of comedy antivirus checks the computer for known malware threats that have become part of the Windows environment. If any new threats are found, then it will be identified and dealt with accordingly.

Windows security software such as Comodo Internet Security are designed to detect and remove all threats that may be lurking on the computer. With the advanced scanning and real-time protection facility, your computer could remain safe and secure even if you have an extremely slow internet connection. It is quite possible for your PC to be under attack from web exploits, which include hacking and malware infections. Real-time protection helps in removing these threats before they cause any significant harm.

As mentioned earlier, Comodo Internet Security has some unique features that set it apart from other similar products. Apart from its strong anti-malware and anti-spam abilities, this security tool has a built-in malware sandbox. The malware sandbox feature works by blocking applications that are used to execute remote code without your permission. All major malware programs are blocked by this sandbox feature, protecting your PC from any remote access attacks.