Description: Comodo Antivirus is an internet security suite produced and sold by Comodo Group, a commercial, free software company based in Germany. Comodo antivirus is part of the Microsoft Open Source Technology. The software has been in continuous development since 1990 and is able to detect and remove various types of worms, virus, Trojans, spyware, malware, adware and other online threats. It is considered one of the best security suites available in the market and is used by millions of people around the world.

What’s so special about Comodo Antivirus? First and foremost, it offers full virus and malware protection. For this reason, it is often used as a main computer application for businesses and websites. In addition to this, it also provides complete protection against spyware, spoofing, keylogging and online exploits. Unlike many other free applications or freeware applications, Comodo Antivirus does not require installation. You can install it on your computer directly from its website with simple clicks.

The good thing about Comodo Antivirus is its solid infection removal abilities. With a built-in update mechanism, this antivirus tool can automatically update itself when new virus threats are found on the internet. You can also schedule these manually. Another good feature of this free version of comodo antivirus is its Web filtering facility. It helps you limit the browser access to specific websites to avoid risks of security breaches.

Although, Comodo Antivirus is a wonderful free software, it is not without its drawbacks. One major disadvantage of this program is the slow startup and slow application response. During the initial stage, this antivirus program may take some time to respond and may produce error messages. But after several days, this problem will be resolved automatically.

Despite of these shortcomings, Comodo Antivirus still remains to be one of the top antivirus malware removers available in the market. This free software has received much praise and gratitude from various Linux users due to its outstanding malware removal abilities. Moreover, this free software provides excellent protection from online attacks. To add to that, this great antivirus software has received much praise and popularity from various researchers who are constantly trying to hack into their systems to steal their important information like credit card numbers and passwords.

However, the good thing about this free software is that it is compatible with most of the operating systems like Windows, UNIX, and MAC. With this feature, it is also useful for people who want to scan multiple computers with the same program. It is also very easy to use and understand. So if you are planning to download comodo solution malware removal software, then this is the best free virus scanner that can protect your computer from online threats like spyware, malware, and viruses. So what are you waiting for?