Kaspersky Antivirus is a free antivirus software suite developed by Kaspersky Lab anti-virus company. It’s primarily intended to protect against malware on personal computers running Windows and is specifically designed for use on computers running Microsoft Windows Vista and iOS, though a commercial version for Linux can also be purchased for home users. Since it is developed by a recognized, respected name in the security field, it is expected to perform exceptionally well. This is especially true considering that the software has an advanced scanning engine and an extensive set of virus protection capabilities, which should ensure that no vulnerabilities are left unchecked and that no viruses gain access to the system. Fortunately, Kaspersky has taken great measures to prevent exactly these types of issues from occurring, with features such as a malware dictionary that lists multiple types of malware and several custom antivirus applications.

Kaspersky antivirus

In addition to antivirus features, Kaspersky provides other types of added functionality. It offers the ability to manage multiple email accounts with its centralized control panel, and a built-in secure server. The company also provides virus protection, Web browsing protection, data backup and other useful extras through separate add-ons. These add-ons include a global spam blocker, a system for handling system backups, a built-in firewall, daily malware and spam scans, and a data backup program. The add-ons also improve Kaspersky’s overall user experience, making it easier to utilize the antivirus software.

Kaspersky Internet Security is the number one antivirus application in Russia and Eastern Europe, and it’s offered directly through the Kaspersky website. This means that anyone with an Internet connection can easily install the program and begin to secure their computer from potential malware infections. This is in contrast to other programs, which are often offered only through computer shops and other tech sites. If you have a relatively new computer, you may want to consider purchasing the program so that you can bolster your security. The 400 million users that the company has globally make it one of the most popular antivirus programs.

While there are dozens of other antivirus products available, Kaspersky has proven itself time again to be a top contender. Other antivirus companies like Norton and Panda may offer similar products, but none have been able to shake the dominance of Kaspersky. That dominance is largely due to the fact that Kaspersky antivirus products are able to provide strong internet security while still being affordable. Those features make the antivirus software a must-have for anyone who wants complete protection against malware.

The company has developed an antivirus product that addresses several different threats that are on the internet today. One of its unique features is the integrated Flashlight feature. The feature allows users to perform a quick scan of their system to find viruses and other threats that could compromise the operating system. Kaspersky has integrated this with a number of different scanning features that allow users to get rid of threats in the quickest amount of time. The antivirus software offers an extensive list of malicious programs that can install on your system and is also capable of blocking suspicious email attachments from being transmitted.

Kaspersky also offers malware protection for PC users through its MalwareBytes program. Like other top antivirus programs, MalwareBytes works by working to detect threats on your system and then blocking them from being able to penetrate your system. Unlike some other malware programs, however, the removal of MalwareBytes actually takes place within the software itself thanks to an automated process. The removal of MalwareBytes will make your PC more secure and will help you get rid of malware that has been lurking on your system for a long period of time.