Get Free Norton Anti-Virus worth $120 with any Tech Support Plan. Computer security threats are everywhere these days. Even from websites or emails that seem innocent can come Trojans or other viruses that can seriously impede your productivity or even steal your information (including credit cards or bank passwords!) or permanently disable your computer.

What has a computer user to do about such things? The first rule is to be educated in the basics of computer security — never open emails from non-trusted sources. Be discriminating in what you install and allow access to your computer. But even with that education, everyone makes mistakes: Clicking on that one innocent seeming email because the subject line sounds wonderful or installing that amazing-seeming free program that just “can’t be all that bad…”


In those cases, where we make a little mistake and end up with something on our computer, a great anti-virus and spyware removal program can come to the rescue. There are many great programs out there, but Norton’s Anti-Virus by Symantec is one of the most established and trusted programs on the market.

If you end up with a malicious program on your computer, within minutes, Norton can find/identify it and then “quarantine” or delete it, leaving your computer virus-free and able to function at its maximum capacity again. Norton continually updates via the web to allow it to handle all the new viruses that computer hackers cook up so that your computer never gets outdated in its ability to dismantle this malware.

Knowing that, we here at have decided to include it with all of our support programs, including Apple Support, Android Support, Microsoft Support, Browser Support, and others. We believe that you, the customer, deserves the best in addition to our valuable in-person support, so that you can live your life free from computer worries and conduct your work and recreational activities on your computer with peace of mind.

It’s just one more reason to sign up for one of our great plans. Computer literacy is just like literacy in any other language. Those that grew up around them can understand them easily, but for those who didn’t, it’s often like a mountain that’s nearly impossible to scale alone. Let one of our experts help you, step by step, to solve your computer issues. You can also call our techies at 1-888-274-5606 to get Norton Anti-virus Support and remove any malicious programs that can harm your PC.

We’re waiting to serve you.