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If you use computer regularly and experience a lag in its performance, it is wise to check for malware. Particularly if you have a Windows PC as your machine, such issues arise due to certain infections that your antivirus can not even detect. Here’s a step by step guide for all PC owners that teaches you how to remove malware from your Windows computer. Before we begin I must disclose, it is not rocket science, removing malware and do regular check-ups of your PC can be done all by yourself. Just follow this guide and you are good to go.


Step 1: Boot in Safe Mode:

The first and foremost to troubleshooting malware and cleaning your PC is booting your machine in Safe Mode. Safe Mode is specially created by Microsoft to prevent malware from loading when you start up your PC. In Safe Mode only basic and required programs are run, so it is faster.

How to boot into safe mode?

1) Shut down your PC

2) Turn the PC on and press F8 key repeatedly

3) On the Advanced Boot Menu screen you see now, Select Safe Mode with Networking by pressing Enter

Entering into Safe Mode concludes your Step 1.

Step 2: Get rid of Temporary Files:

Now that you are one step closer to removing malware, start by clearing temporary files. Use the disk cleanup utility in Windows to make your job easier. Scanning for malware in safe mode is easier by removing temporary files and cleaning up disks.

How to use the Disk Cleanup Utility?

1) Select Start

2) Click on All Programs

3) Type Disk Clean Up and press Enter

This step removes malware and also expedites the entire process.

Step 3: Download Malware Scanner:

Before you begin your hunt for malware but first complete this very important step. Think you are already secure with your antivirus? Think again. If that had been the case your PC would not have been infected at all. So now you need a new malware scanner to do the job. Also not every antivirus or scanner is at fault, because not 100% of virus and malware can be detected by a single scanner.

So for this purpose download an on-demand scanner. There are many free and useful scanners that come handy here. Kaspersky, Norman, BitDefender etc. companies make on-demand scanners that you can download for free.

Step 4: Running an On-demand Scan:

Here comes the step you await and that will go deeper to detect your problem. Once you are ready with an on-demand scanner, disconnect the internet and run a quick scan. This enables you to scan for malware and takes about 10 to 15 minutes to finish. This way you can see how many files have been infected in your PC. The warnings of infections the scanner has removed will show up after the scan ends. The highly infected files are automatically deleted and you can even remove the detected malware files by selecting them all and then clicking on remove selected. Another case if quick scan finds no infection better run a full scan to be sure.

Step 5: Fixing your Web Browser:

Once your files and folders are free from malware; it is time to check on the browser as well. Malware commonly corrupts your internet browsers and hampers your browsing experience. It alters the settings of your homepage leaving you annoyed and filled with stupid advertisements and slow speed.

How to fix your web browser?

1) Select Start

2) Click on Control Panel

3) Open Internet Options

4) Under Homepage settings, check if anything is abnormal

5) Under Connections tab, select Automatically detect settings for LAN.

Step 6: Recover Files if Windows is Corrupt:

Not every time scanning is a solution. If the situation is bad and the only option you have is to reinstall Windows on your PC, make sure you recover your important files by using this step. On the road to remove malware this stage is something you do not wish to reach, but if nothing helps this is how you have to clean up and end your malware problem. Back up all the files from your hard disk to an external drive and then start reinstalling Windows. Use the disc that came with your PC or just restore your PC to factory settings.

We hope that you can get rid of malware by using this step and treat such problems yourself in the future. If still you cannot figure it out, our Malware tech support solutions are just a call away.