The “Fake AVG Antivirus 2018” malware infection is a fake antivirus application. It can look like the actual software though it really is a virus that can potentially damage a computer. It can go undetected, especially if the user is not aware that the virus has somehow infiltrated the system. It can pass up as the real thing but it does not fix infections; rather, it creates infections all throughout the computer system. Having this virus can be an inconvenience because it is tricky to remove. You cannot easily exit it nor can you use Task Manager.  

What Is This Virus?  The fake AVG Antivirus 2018 is a virus that launches its infections from a file. This file can go in undetected by hiding itself in email attachments, downloads or websites that use unsecured Internet access. It will plant itself in hidden folders in the computer and then run the application that looks like AVG Antivirus. It can be hard to distinguish from the real one at first because it would run a scan and give out results like any antivirus would do. But then, you will know it is fake because of these points:  It started to run by itself without asking your permission or without you operating it. When the results are out, an advertisement about the upgrade to this program will persistently show up.

You try to exit it but it won’t budge. If you notice these things, then most likely you have malware or malicious software in your computer, causing all kinds of trouble. It will keep on annoying you with the scans and ads on screen and it will keep coming back even if you exit. Also, it would disable your Task Manager so you won’t be able to use it or to stop the processes of the virus. This virus is a piece of software which basically works by trying to block the various other programs that your system could have.

There are currently two methods to get rid of this infection from your system – which is to manually get rid of the virus from your computer by deleting its files or to automatically delete the infection with a malware removal tool. Many people who are confident with PCs will be able to remove the virus by restarting your computer into “Safe Mode” and then deleting all the files that are listed below. The only problem is that this can be challenging, and the virus will likely return if you don’t get rid of all the files it has.

This means that it’s recommended to remove the program by using a tool called a “malware removal tool.”  This virus will have these files: AVG Antivirus For users who prefer a more practical method, you just have to download the Frontline Rogue Remover. It will find the virus and remove all the infections, but it will do so without you having to manipulate it, or do any complicated tasks. After installing it, run the program and let it work on its own. Simple enough, the malware can be dealt with easily and quickly. To finish it off completely, run a registry cleaner afterward. This is to make certain that the virus has no traces left in the computer.