Facing problems with Internet Explorer and thinking about the good old days of the yore when it used to work really smooth. This is a common issue which you can easily overcome by resetting your Internet Explorer settings to default. Follow these steps and learn how to reset your internet explorer settings:


1) Opening the Reset Internet Explorer Settings has 2 methods. It also depends on the version of Windows operating system you are using. The 2 methods for opening are:

a) Automatically Open: Use this option for opening the reset internet explorer settings dialog box if you are using Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. If you are using a higher version of Windows, like Windows 8, kindly opt for the other method described below

b) Manually Open: For manual settings, follow these steps:

(i) Click on Tools in the Menu bar and select Internet Options

(ii) In Internet Options select Advanced Tab

(iii) Click Reset (Note: Resetting includes:

            º Disable toolbars and Add-ons

            º Default web browser settings

            º Advanced Options

            º Tabbed Browsing Settings

            º Pop-up Settings

            º Privacy Settings

            º Securiy Settings

(iv) When the settings are applied, close the dialog box and hit OK.

(V) Exit and Restart Internet Explorer.

Now you are browsing Internet Explorer with default settings, similar to those you had when you installed the software for the very first time. We hope you can get rid of issues in your Internet Explorer by following these steps.