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Our mission is to offer Microsoft Security Essentials users premium protection from internet threats through ‘easy to use’ software. We strive to understand and solve Microsoft Security Essentials problems & offer high quality tech support services to you. However, sometimes you may face some problems even in the most reliable Microsoft Security Essentials. At TechNetWeb we provide 24/7 online help & support for Microsoft Security Essentials. Our Microsoft certified techies have the expertise in this product and they can install the antivirus in your computer online. Our techies will help you in configuring the correct settings so that you get better security from virus and malware. Call us now at 1-888-274-5606 (Toll Free) and get instant help for Microsoft Security Essentials from our certified experts.


Some of the major problems where our technicians can help you in Microsoft Security Essentials:

  • Setup & Install Microsoft Security Essentials.
  • Activate, upgrade & update Microsoft Security Essentials.
  • Scan & remove virus, spyware & other malicious programs from your PC.
  • Diagnose & resolve Microsoft Security Essentials problems.
  • Fix & Troubleshoot Microsoft Security Essentials problems.
  • Configure security settings for higher level of protection.
  • Neutralize or fix the detected threats.
  • Customize Microsoft Security Essentials Security settings as per your requirements.
  • Tune up your computer so it runs faster & at optimal speed.

TechNetWeb techies have years of experience and the expertise in providing support for antivirus and fixing computer virus problems online through remote connection. For instant Microsoft Security Essentials support, contact our techies at 1 888-274-5606 and get instant help for Microsoft Security Essentials problems.

Tech Net Web’s Certified Technicians can help you scan, detect & remove all types of viruses & malware in your computer. Our techies have the expertise in Microsoft Security Essentials & can help you fix computer virus problems online through remote connection. Our support services are available via phone, chat & email.

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Support for Microsoft Service Features:

  • Identify cause of errors & problems
  • Remotely install service packs & patches for Microsoft Products
  • Assist you to take backups of important data & reinstall Microsoft Products

Microsoft Security Essentials is the antivirus of choice as it was on the best-ranked antivirus program for a long time. Upon its release, Microsoft claimed that “the antivirus offered the best protection to users and that there would be no need for installing any other third-party software.”  The makers of Malware are an active group that keeps loosing new threats on an almost daily basis. Keeping this fact in mind, Microsoft made Microsoft Security Essentials particularly for Windows and provided MSE with clean, simple home page that shows the security state of your computer. Microsoft Security Essentials is designed for individuals and small businesses, but it’s based on the same technology that Microsoft uses to secure big businesses including security products like Microsoft Forefront, the Malicious Software Removal Tool, and Windows Defender.

Why Should You Use Microsoft Security Essentials?

  • Comprehensive protection:

Microsoft Security Essentials secure your computer against viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malicious software. It also presents you with free spyware protection.

  • Quiet protection:

Microsoft Security Essentials doesn’t get in your way. It runs quietly in the background and schedules a scan when your computer is most likely idle. You only see alerts when you need to take action.

  • Easy to get, easy to use:

Microsoft Security Essentials is accessible to people at zero cost. There’s no registration process that requires billing or personal information collection. Downloading and installing Microsoft Security Essentials is free and easy. Microsoft Security Essentials installs after a quick download and then stays automatically up to date with the latest spyware protection technology and signature updates. To designate the security status of your PC, Microsoft Security Essentials uses green, yellow and red color codes and a color-coded icon in the taskbar tells you at a glance if your attention is needed. It’s simple—when you’re green, you’re good. Nevertheless, if there’s a red or yellow threat, Microsoft Security Essentials will alert you and recommend what to do you can act directly from the notification area without having to enter the application.

  • Runs quietly without hurting PC performance:

Microsoft Security Essentials runs quietly in the background. You’ll only be alerted when there are particular actions to practice. Microsoft Security Essentials can take the default action on your behalf if you’re not available or occupied. Later you can open the program to review and undo those actions if you wish. Microsoft Security Essentials is efficient and compact. Also, the software operates in a way that your PC is still snappy when you’re using it.  Microsoft has stepped ahead and said that “it is collaborating with other companies that make third-party antivirus programs. The purpose of the collaboration is to help Microsoft improve the performance of MSE so that it can engage in successful fights against the malware threats and codes that the authors release while targeting Windows.”

The reason Microsoft has decided to engage Norton, AVG and Avast is because of the compatibility of these third-party antivirus programs with windows. Once you have installed this, AVG will equip you with adequate anti-spyware security just like Microsoft Security Essentials does. On the other hand, Microsoft asks its users not to run more than one antivirus protection at a time in Windows. Any person who runs a third-party antivirus protection simultaneously with MSE will succeed in turning off the latter.

When it comes to compatibility with all versions of Windows, Microsoft Security Essentials is much preferable than all third party antivirus programs. All these advantages enables Microsoft Security Essentials to become friendly for all kind of computers be it your old PC, your new PC, your laptop or as well as your little notebook.

If you are looking for live tech support for Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus, then contact us today for complete help and support services or call us Toll Free at 1-888-274-5606.