Microsoft declared the Creators Update for Windows 10 during its press event where they talked about some of the new features that will be introduced for free to its latest operating system. Microsoft has a whole lot more planned. As compared to previous versions, Windows presents a service through which it can be routinely updated with fixes and new features! If you need an instant help regarding Windows 10 Creators update or any issues related to Microsoft windows, call at Microsoft Tech Support TOLL-FREE number  1-888-274-5606. 

Here are some of the new changes:

Action Center

In the Windows 10 Creators Update, there will be alterations in the notifications center among which the sliders for both volume and screen brightness are prominent.  Both these options can then be adjusted in even smaller increments than the present 25 percent and the users are anticipating for these quick action updates.

Custom Accent Colors

Microsoft will be providing a huge number of options in colors for the Windows taskbar and other UI elements. Although currently there are some accent colors provided by Windows 10 however, a picker with advanced options will be presented by Microsoft along with the facility of showing you how your selected color would look everywhere in Windows. As there will be video help manuals provided by Microsoft in the settings pages of Windows 10, people will be easily able to customize their look of Windows 10 according to their desire.

Themes for Windows 10 in The Store

The Windows 10 themes will be sold by Microsoft in the Windows Store. In order to transform the Windows 10 display, the software maker is adding a “personalization” section to the Windows Store that will be storing numerous themes collections. For instance, there will be a theme designed for League of Legends themes or another for Minecraft, and these custom themes can reach up to the dashboard, too.

The People Bar

The new people integration was shown by Microsoft into the Windows 10 taskbar, but this stretches out to tiny widgets which will speed up your Skype or email process. Because of this, the users can change from one site to another inside the same window. People are anticipating seeing if this sort of app integration is provided by Microsoft to third-party app developers.

Groove Music Maker

It seems like a distinct Groove Music Maker app is being developed by Microsoft. This tool of music making is developed considering touch and it is not very difficult to use. Through a library, the users will be able to choose riffs, attach sounds from various instruments, and smoothly change the BPM and length of songs.

Full Pen Support in Microsoft Word

Microsoft promised better pen support for Word at the beginning of this year and it seems like this option will be eventually brought with the Creators Update. Text manipulation and its removal will become very simple in apps like Word where you can drop comments on documents in just ink.

Microsoft Edge Tab Browsing

There is a tab browser option in the Edge browser that enables the user to navigate current tabs by expanding the option of page-preview. In the update, Edge will be having some extra transformation. There is some work being done on a session manager for Edge that will enable the user to restore tabs from before the time Edge was closed or rebooted. Tabs that were open days or weeks ago all will be incorporated in it.

Windows Defender Update

In the Creators Update, there will be updates on Windows Defender, too. Presently in Windows 10 Windows Defender is as a classic win32 desktop app, but it may resemble like a universal app in the updates. And the moment Defender transforms into a universal platform then the tedious job of changing from the current desktop apps to the modern ones will be avoided.