The outbreak of COVID-19 is restructuring everything around us, giving new challenges that have not been confronted by many business leaders. With a constantly changing landscape, IT flexibility is important to guard the health of both your people and your business.

Shortly, tech leaders will follow three waves throughout the crisis: stabilization of the core, optimization of the estate, and emergence into a more competitive position. By working in 10 important areas, technology leaders can aid their businesses to answer to fast operational, customer, employee, and financial distractions, keep the continuity of the business as fresh challenges arise, and understand a speedy revival after the pandemic.

Focus On Critical Problems

Don’t worry. Although earnestness is important, the top technique to manage a challenge like COVID-19 is to reflect on the bigger picture and take calculated first, next, and future steps. Begin by finding the methods that need to be alleviated to maintain the business and arrange everyday work there. Then, arrange for the potential degradation in performance by modeling the what-if situation and involve corporate associates and dealers to know the changes they are expecting to make and when.

Put People First

This is without a doubt a human crisis. It is important to make alterations supporting the health of staff. To maintain their well-being steps like providing flexible work hours that let employees balance work from home with family responsibilities, need to be taken. Absences can increase which means you need to accordingly regulate productivity objectives. Also, see if you can alter performance goals assist your staff in handling the crisis. Reach out to your most critical employee personally and offer extra support.



Communicate regularly, clearly, and sympathetically. Don’t overwhelm people but communicate regularly. There is already information overload, so use tools like that to engage and connect people. People look to the business for powerful governance in ambiguous times which gives you a major chance to emphasize your corporate values.

Enable Remote Work

COVID-19 is making work from home preparations for a huge section of the employees and for a long time. Address alternate areas of work that you may not have deliberated on before so that mission-critical processes can be maintained. Emphasize on urgent requirements including right-scaling infrastructure capacity; purchasing latest tools, like laptops and modems; reviving access rights policies; evolving training aids to help remote employees in new ways of working; and organizing more possessions for substantial growth in call center activities. After stabilizing, form connectivity using collaboration tools that are safe, and easy to use. Don’t forget that just setting up the technology won’t mean your teams know how to use them, so over-invest in enablement and offering hyper-care resources.

Invest In Self-Service And Automation

You can make the influences of COVID-19 somewhat easier on your consumers and staff by providing the self-service choices which can be taken to rapidly engage with the company. Fuse front-end channels and streamline interfaces where possible to make the experience perfect and easy. You can also increase the use of bots and AI, which can assist in boosting productivity.

Optimize Cloud Infrastructure

When most of the staff is working remotely, the activity will increase in your cloud and traditional infrastructure. Make sure it can bear the load? Plan to scale cloud services, as well as hybrid and traditional environments, to fulfill the increased demand. The plan ought to include compute, hosting, storage, network, telephone, and collaboration suites. Consider data compliance, security, and regulatory necessities when changing workloads and places.

Review Security, Risk, And Governance


Important alterations to deal with risk management are compulsory for handling the COVID-19 crisis. For example, some options may be pre-authorized or fast-tracked. But every modification in business can lessen security and put your business in danger. You can safeguard your business by having a clear knowledge of impacted policies and controls and monitor accordingly. Be extra cyber vigilant, organize more resources, work collectively with others in your network, and put on extra scrutiny because cybercriminals are already using COVID-19 outbreak for their benefit, increasing attacks, using fake websites and phishing campaigns to target victims with misinformation.

Continue Transformation Work

It is possible to go back to traditional working models and withholding transformation programs during a crisis but the wise thing to do is to resist this urge. Your business will survive and flourish in the short- and long-term. It is crucial to forming a more competitive and better business environment.

Reframe Funding

Due to the prevalent business and economic impact of COVID-19, cost reductions within the technology function might be required in the coming year. To decrease the load, use strategies to move to variable cost models, including XaaS, and omit unused fixed-capacity. Prominent businesses will reform both their funding methods to be leaner, more responsive and focused on nonstop value delivery.

Adjust The IT Operating Model


Each modification you make to deal with the COVID-19 crisis will influence your IT operating model through various dimensions: process, technology, governance, people, service delivery, performance insights, and data. The digital enablement plans for many businesses have been enormously speeded and raised overnight. Think beforehand about the ways you can bring value by incorporating these changes together, utilizing techniques and methods such as agile working, collaboration, and integrated cloud.