1)  Daniel 

I have spent over 40 years working in 2 different service industries. One was in health care at a large Medical Center( 855 beds today) in Fairfax, Va.. The second field was working and then serving as Executive Director of a not for profit ,Christian Counseling Center with nine Counselors plus support staff in Lancaster, Pa. The success of my career in both of those fields was driven by the need to have Quality Assurance inculcated into the” very fabric” of the organization. This meant that the “Customer’s” (Patient or Client’s) expectations had to be exceeded. This past week I had the opportunity to observe your organization accomplish and exemplify this in the midst of the Christmas week. Jayden Smith coordinated the challenge of finding the problem with my PC and resolving it .He exceeded my expectations. In fact, he put my problem ahead of his holiday schedule. In the midst of this project, he encountered unexpected problems that challenged my demands of having my PC running by Monday after Christmas. When I discovered that he shared my goal, I decided to let Jayden do the work of worry. What a relief for me in that I had one less thing to worry about. I should tell you that I had my reports completed Monday afternoon for Golden Rule Communications in Kansas. I felt cared for in the midst of what looked like a crisis and my expectations were exceeded You have reason to be proud of how well Jayden represents your organization to your clients. If this is how your Company delivers service during Christmas week, what is it like the rest of the year? I may not be able to describe “quality” with words like Edward Demming, but “I do know it when I see it”. Wishing you continued success, Daniel M Beachy.


2) Devereux Jr

I am very happy to have had TechNetWeb fix my computer for me and I plan to stay with them for as long as possible thank you for your services.

3) Carol Stetz:

Thank you for the help with my computer, I think it is working ok now. You were a lot of help and very well-mannered and patient with me. Thank you for information on how I can contact you if I have a problem.

4) Adele Fortin:  XXXX you are a miracle worker. Thank you so much. I am very happy with this new service for when I have problems. There is no one to help me and I am all up and running great.

5) Rena Gladden:

I appreciate this very much, I have been telling people there is something wrong never could get help. Thank you very much for your time and good work! “You have been great, Mr. Jayden Smith.”