It is essential for businesses to run regular backups which can be done by copying files to local drives manually but that has many issues. It is vulnerable to fire, theft or hardware failure. There is another option to save your important data and that is to upload your files to a cloud backup service. There is a lot to consider while choosing the correct backup solution. Does it offer the needed storage space, encryption options, versioning, and security are some of the many issues that need to be considered?

There are loads of backup services available but choosing the best ones provide more features than just copying files from your computer to the cloud and back again. The following are seven of the best cloud storage services.

  1. IDrive Small Business

It is a versatile cloud backup service. It will probably fulfill your every possible need. It provides Mac support, Linux backup scripts, iOS, Android and Windows mobile clients, and backup support for Windows Server, Microsoft SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, and Oracle. Basically, you’re covered on PCs running anything from Windows 2000 up. Its hybrid backup support allows you to decide which files should be on the cloud, and which should stay nearby. You can access your data via a web interface, synced with computers or mobiles, or even via email, Facebook and Twitter. Generally, it’s a likable package, but you can also consider IDrive Personal if you are on a budget.

  1. Backblaze Business

Its focus is on simplicity and value and it has been providing easy, economical backup services to consumers for years. It is a single plan but it offers unlimited backup space for one computer. You just have to pay $47.50 per computer per month on a two-year contract. It offers a straightforward backup process. All of your data will be backed up even if it is on external disks and USB keys. It also backs up individual files as they change. Its bonus features include versioning and anti-theft feature.

  1. Carbonite Computer Backup Core

It covers for as many devices as you need as it is licensed to run on as many computers, external hard drives and NAS drives as required. It is good but it is not the cheapest option out there. It can manage every aspect of your backups reducing training and other hassles. The initial backup is mostly automatic and incremental backups then upload only changed files. You can view all your files from a web interface, iOS, and Android apps. It also provides numerous ways to restore them.

  1. CrashPlan Pro

It offers an excellent level of customization. It is a backup service that has the best features with the best price. Its huge list of features and controls and its low price are hardly found elsewhere. It works on Linux, PCs as well as Macs. It provides unlimited storage space, unlimited versioning, and you can easily find documents by date, time or version.

  1. MozyPro

This is one of the oldest and famous backup providers. It syncs your files across all devices. It is not cheap but it provides a lot of licensing flexibility. Backup is a largely automatic but you can schedule backups. There is an option that allows you to sync your files across all your hardware including iOS or Android devices. You can access your files from a web interface.

  1. SOS Online Backup for Business

It provides good security without annoying restrictions. It is slightly higher on price but it offers features that are usually premium add-ons elsewhere. You can back up on unlimited devices. There’s unlimited versioning and it backs up almost everything: PCs from Vista up, Macs, iOS and Android devices, flash drives, network drives and more. You can have a look by taking a 15-day free trial.

  1. SugarSync Business

It is a powerful, configurable and convenient file sync and cloud backup service. It has remote management capabilities and one or two handy enterprise-friendly extensions. You can access your data from PCs, Macs, Android or iOS devices. It gives you significant control over file sharing. You can share data and give them viewing or even editing powers. You can select any folder or folder tree, and have everything backed up and synced in the same way.


You should take selecting your backup plan seriously. Don’t try mediocre products which have are cheap but not reliable. You need to check the performance and reputation of the vendor. Check where your backups are stored and also the level of security it provides.