The ever present threat of  computer viruses and other types of malicious softwares have turned the convenience and comfort brought in by computers integrated with the internet, into a exercise in caution about every action you take online. Each one of our systems has been affected by a virus once or even more. If your machine is infected by viruses its performance will deteriorate. Call our Antivirus tech support team today at 1-888-274-5606 (TOLL FREE) and get rid of viruses and Malware issues from your PC.


Here is a list of 10 symptoms that you can watch out for, in order to keep your system as far and as safe from viruses, as possible.

  1. Excessive Advertisements on Browsers: If you get too many pop ups and obstinate advertisements that won’t just go away even after you disable them, it’s a strong indication that malwares or even spywares have made your computer, their home.
  1. Hardware Troubles: If you see that your USB ports don’t connect properly with storage devices or run at USB 1.0 levels instead of USB 3.0 levels, or if you see your CD drive ejecting on its own or if it’s unable to read CD’s/DVD’s, an infectious virus attack might be the reason behind it.
  1. Blue Screen Memory Dump: If your windows OS dumps memory more frequently than it should and shows you the dreaded blue screen more often than it should, be rest assured that uninvited guests have infected your RAM and thus affecting computer processes.
  1. Slowed Performance: Every now and then your computer may become excessively slow, but that may be cured by formatting your OS and installing afresh, or by defragmenting your Hard Disks. If your computer continues to run slowly, despite taking such actions, then there are viruses camping in your system files. This needs proper attention of experts to recover your valuable data and increase performance and speed.
  1. Affected Applications: Certain viruses are designed to affect certain applications and as a result, you may be unable to run those programs. Such programs get permanently infected and might need a new installation. It is an indication that the program file has been corrupted by a virus.
  1. Inability to access antivirus sites: If malicious viruses have taken your computer as host, then sometimes you may even be prevented from opening antivirus sites. Browsers are the most common site of attack and there are plenty of viruses that prohibit you from using the internet properly. At times, you will get directed to a different site or be shown an error message; this is one of the symptoms that viruses maybe present in your computer.
  1. Extra Unnecessary files and low disk storage: If your disk storage has suddenly come down to minimum free space, without you having stored any additional or extra files, then it’s a reason to worry. A lot of viruses have infected your system and they are going to damage your important files too.
  1. Gibberish Dialog Boxes: Sometimes, too many dialog boxes will open up on your screen at once. These often show you gibberish messages or unreadable symbols that cannot be decoded by installed fonts on your computer. Such errors are caused by viruses and malware.
  1. Irrelevant browser windows opening up: If your browsing experience have been soured because of unrelated irrelevant websites opening up or unnecessary ads popping up that occupy a lot of screen space, then beware, viruses might have hijacked your browsers.
  1. Haywire Computer: If your system has gone haywire, i.e., it starts sending messages to your friends, or emails your contact list with malicious links contained in short messages. If random processes start and end up slowing down the computer’s memory then it’s an indication that viruses present on your computer.

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