You are not alone if you are tired of thinking which version of Windows your small business should use. The choice of most entrepreneurs is Windows 10 Professional or Windows 10 Enterprise. You can easily find them on affordable devices, and they provide almost nearly the same experiences for the end user. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and all the other Windows standbys, as well as access to the Windows store, are identical in each version.

The prices and features vary in the Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise service packages and our windows tech support services provide you complete information about such issues.

Windows 10 Pro

If you are someone who wants access to business-grade features like mobile device management, remote desktop access, shared devices with multiple logins, and Microsoft Intune but you have limited or no tech support then Windows 10 Pro is for professionals like you.


Windows10 Pro has default security settings that are perfect for most small businesses. It usually provides automated updates. Its security settings don’t give you a tough time. You just have to run updates when prompted to do so. It also comes with BitLocker and BitLocker to Go, as well as Windows Defender Antivirus.


$199.99 per license is the listed price for a one-off subscription. However bundled deals are usually offered in exchange for quantity purchases.

Outstanding Feature: User-friendly Device Management

There is a built-in feature in Windows 10 Pro – Windows Autopilot. Small businesses can easily use it to deploy new devices to employees. New devices for your organization will be registered by Microsoft, or the hardware vendor you decide to work with. You can create a profile that includes things like specific settings or apps by customizing the default setup.

In case you want to go for the self-deploying mode, remember this only has to be completed one time. Any additional Autopilot-enabled device you buy for your business after that will be configured to your specifications automatically, you don’t have to go for manual onboarding. In case you are a new user, you just have to unpack your laptops or desktops and start working. You can create different profiles for the same devices. It can prove helpful in multiple ways. Users can access their desktops remotely from offsite or non-work machines. It is especially ideal if several workers are using the same computer. In case you have any queries, we are available at our windows tech support number 1-888-274-5606 (TOLL-FREE) 24×7. Call anytime.

Windows 10 Enterprise

Windows 10 Enterprise can be used by businesses of any size except small businesses with intensive security needs and skilled in-house tech pros. However, it is specially built for large and midsize companies.


IT departments are allowed more freedom by Windows 10 Enterprise to manage security on their own terms. Your IT department can use these Enterprise features to carry out numerous tasks including remotely manage devices, deliver virtual desktops using Azure, control OS updates and manage apps. It can also access security analytics through the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph, identify and manage data breaches, create custom detection alerts, and pull reports.


It is common at the Enterprise SaaS level to submit a request for a price and that is what you have to do. But before you call and submit a request for a price from Microsoft, you need to know the number of licenses you’ll need so that the price quote is not inaccurate.

Outstanding Features: Big Business Tools

When users upgrade to Windows Enterprise, they get access to in lower-tier versions of Windows and a bevy of other solutions personalized for larger businesses.

Windows Defender:  Windows Defender Antivirus is included in the Professional version of Windows. However, four additional subproducts: Credential Guard, Application Guard, Application Control and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) are included in all Enterprise subscriptions.

Virtualization: Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) and Microsoft User Environment Virtualization (UE-V) are both standards with Enterprise subscriptions. They manage all the settings and accounts in one place and allow businesses to centralize Win23 apps on a server. Due to this, your IT department gets more control and app security, although it doesn’t have much impact on the end user.

TL;DR: Just Tell Me What To Buy

Windows 10 Pro is ideal for you if you are a small business owner or solo contractor having common security needs and less interest in hands-on security management. In addition to Microsoft, popular brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Panasonic, Toshiba, and LG sell laptops that can easily be configured with Windows 10 Pro

Consult your IT team if you have a midsize or large business with in-house tech support. Request a price quote from Microsoft if your IT team tell suggests you opt for Windows 10 Enterprise. And you probably don’t need Enterprise-level security if you do not have any IT support to advise you. If you have any issue regarding this, call Microsoft windows customer care toll free number 1-888-274-5606 and get our round the clock services.