The launch of Microsoft’s modular and web-first OS ‘Windows 10X’ on new hardware is expected to be in the spring of 2021. Some of the features of the operating system could be leading to Windows 10 and Microsoft has already begun working on a new panel that will transform the way how copying and pasting works.

With Windows 10 Build 20185, a new panel has been added by Microsoft allowing you access to the clipboard history, insert GIFs, emojis, and even kaomoji. Furthermore, Microsoft is also working on some other changes, such as Windows 10X touch keyboard and enhanced ‘first run’ experience.

Windows 10X Keyboard For Windows 10

Windows 10X comes with a new Start menu and Action Center, and a new touch keyboard. You can insert the animated contents without tapping on a dedicated emoji or GIF icons as GIFs and emojis are integrated directly into the UI of the touch keyboard.

A new search box is added in the top right corner which allows you to directly insert emojis or GIFs. It has the Fluent Design and functionality called “Clipboard history” that keeps a list of things you copied to the clipboard.

Windows 10X Keyboard Layout


The experience of Windows 10 on tablets and 2-in-1 products is also improved with a new keyboard and other strategic changes.

First-Run Experience

With Windows 10X, Microsoft has also redesigned the out of box experience with a modern feel and look. Windows Setup process, Microsoft account login screen, language, region, and other pages have a new look.

Microsoft is unclear about the changes that an update has presented as far as traditional Windows 10 is concerned, but the post-update experience is going to be clearer.

Windows 10 Post Update Experience

Windows 10 Build 20190 comes with the new post-update experience and Microsoft is working on a new ‘first-run’ experience as well. The new first-run experience could have similarities with Windows 10X, as per the references seen in the preview builds.

“Welcome to Windows 10X, self hosters! In a future build, this is where you’ll see an intro to your new device. In the meantime, have fun self-hosting,” stated in one of the internal files in Build 20195. Microsoft

This indicates that Microsoft could be taking care of a new first-run or OOBE (out of the box experience), but when these improvements will reach the production builds are not known yet.

Other Improvements

In preview builds, Microsoft is also working on testing functionalities that will come with Windows Core OS (Windows 10X) in the coming year. A new Bluetooth flyout menu and the voice typing experience is included in it:

  • BluetoothFlyout_WCOSCDG
  • NewDevicesFlowConnectUI_WCOSCDG
  • FluencySettingsWCOS
  • PenButtonCustomizationOnWCOS
  • VoiceTypingCorrectionUXCandUIOnWCOS